Our Story

Beauty & Luxury Unite

Luxury concrete is a new technology in surface finishes, called microcement.

This amazing material delivers the stunning look of premium concrete without the weight or depth of concrete, and can cover most interior, exterior, residential and commercial surfaces.

The possibilities offered by Luxury Concrete microcement are infinite. You can now create exclusive, elegant and clean surfaces that provides exquisite visual lines where joints disappear.

Luxury Concrete is passion

The best moments in life fill the soul, leave us breathless or even make us speechless – moments that convey passion and emotion.

These are the moments we seek to help you realise your vision. 

With Luxury Concrete Microcement, our unique product and styles help convey those emotions through our stunning surface finishes.

Our outstanding products together with coordinated teamwork and service, can help transform whatever project you have in mind.

Surfaces with incomparable appeal

Similar in appearance to polished concrete, but without the inconvenience of joints and cracks that characterize it, Luxury Concrete Microcement its natural beauty is timeless.

Its style combines perfectly with any decorative trend, modern or vintage.

With interesting textures and colours, its most common application is in floors and walls of homes, hotels, cafes, stores or offices.

Luxury, durability and presence come together to bring richness, harmony and sophistication to any space.

The only limit is your imagination

Decorating every aspect of your space is a complex but also rewarding task that shows your personality, your aesthetic taste and your unique way of seeing life.

Luxury Concrete microcement offer a wide variety of construction and decorative possibilities.
Here, in your inspiration space, you will find a selection of designs that successfully combine functionality, aesthetics and material application.