Looking for a premium surface for your Commercial project?


Retail & Showrooms

Store design is considered one of the most relevant factors in modern customer experience, as your store’s aesthetic can influence your customers’ perceptions.

The design of retail floors and walls in modern boutiques and showrooms help create atmospheres of comfort and hospitality and enhance your brand.

Luxury Concrete Microcement floors in any shop and showroom offer exclusive elegance and personality, and are the perfect surface finish thanks to their unique thin and multilayer structure, high adhesion and stunning beauty. 

Cafes & Hospitality

In designing Hospitality environments, great care is taken in designing a unique visual aesthetic and open spaces, so material selection is fundamental.

Luxury Concrete Microcement surfaces not only ensure a great look, but also a number of high-performance technical features highly sought after, including resistance to dirt, stains, abrasion and high temperatures resistance, durability, non-slip and ease of maintenance.

Particularly advantageous when taking over premises of a previous owner, Luxury Concrete Microcement is an ideal cost-effective solution because it can be simply applied over the existing substrate.


Office Spaces

Working in a place that exudes luxury and elegance is a source of inspiration.

These days offices are increasingly need flexibility, technology and spaciousness to better fulfil their functionality.

With the attractiveness of an office space being measured by its spaciousness, functionality and the luminosity it offers, Luxury Concrete Microcement surfaces are a great choice for an office to help build a captivating and inspiring workplace.

Commercial Applications are Endless