What is Luxury Concrete ?

Luxury Concrete is a leading European Microcement – an innovative two component surfacing system composed of a special cement mixture which is combined with an acrylic resin. Unlike concrete, our microcement is generally applied to a total thickness of only 2-3 mm, and is perfect for creating a seamless finish without lines or joints.

It gives you a stylish practical solution to transforming, large surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, kitchens,  bathrooms, showers, exterior facades and swimming pools, as well as commercial spaces like Cafes, restaurant, shops, showrooms, offices and foyers.

Luxury Concrete Microcement is easy to apply, extremely hygienic and easy to maintain. Strong and highly water resistant, it can cover most commercial or residential surfaces (including tiles), so it’s a great material choice for renovators.

With a huge choice of textures, colours, metallics and finishes, the combination of options available is only limited by your imagination.


Renovate Without Removal

Now you can how quickly and cheaply to carry out renovations or remodels without the fuss, cost or mess, especially if you’re seeking a seamless finish.

Luxury Concrete Microcement has a very high adhesion to any existing solid substrate, so you don’t have the cost and inconvenience of removing and disposing of your existing floor or wall.

Now, changing the look of your space is incredibly easy thanks to Luxury Concrete Microcement that eliminates the hard work that was once a necessity.

It's all About Texture . . . .

Luxury Concrete Microcement unlike other materials, creates a modern seamless tactile feel and its finish is elegant and minimalist.

Creating highly decorative textured effects including marbling, Luxury Concrete Microcement is capable of embellishing any space. Our microcement is able to be easily manipulated to achieve a variety of finishes – glossy, matt, textured or mottled, all the way though to metallic finishes and oxides.

 The finish has visible trowel marks creating texture, tonal and colour variation.

. . . . and colour

If textures evoke the sense of touch, colors appeal to the visual. Thus, different colors and combinations will give each room of our home a personal touch.

Luxury Concrete colors include bright tones and minimalist tones of light colors, warm colours for cosy atmospheres and the boldness of the more vivid shades.  

Easy to Use and Apply

We work with architects, interior designers and premium builders, but we also supply direct for individual projects, or we can help with assistance from a small group of personally chosen applicators directly.
But if you have the installation covered, that’s great – we’re more than happy to provide the support and instructions to use our products.

Luxury Concrete products are packaged as two components, the microcement and the resin, which need to be mixed together according to the indicated proportions to create the finished product.

The cost of Luxiury Concrete Microcement is between $70 – $200 per sq.m, depending on the project and the number of layers required.

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Two-component microcement Concrete Base

Luxury Concrete Base is the foundation microcement in powder form used for the preparation of the substrate prior to the application of Luxury Concrete Floor and Luxury Concrete Wall finishing microcements.

It is versatile and is frequently used as rustic microcement and to achieve spectacular decorative effects such as the worn wall effect or “Pietra Spaccata” (split stone).

It is available in 3 granulometries: L, XL & XXL.


Two-component microcement Concrete Floor

After the Luxury Concrete Base is applied to the substrate, Luxury Concrete Floor is the finishing microcement for interior floors to offer a natural and elegant finish. 

Designed for walkable surfaces, it’s similar in appearance to polished concrete, but without the inconvenience of joints and cracks. 

With a smooth appearance and soft shades, its most common application is in floors of homes, hotels, cafes, restaurants, retail spaces or showrooms.

It must be mixed with Luxury Concrete Resin.


Two-component microcement Concrete Wall

After the Luxury Concrete Base is applied to the substrate, Luxury Concrete Wall is the fine-grained finishing microcement that is the star in high quality vertical coatings due to its outstanding shading and extremely soft touch.

Its application on non-trafficable surfaces results in highly decorative silky finishes and makes it possible to achieve designs similar to Venetian stucco.

Distinguished by its unique character, it is a product that combines both functionality and high-end design.

It must be mixed with Luxury Concrete Resin.


Two-component Microcement Concrete True Metal

Luxury Concrete True Metal is an actual metallic coating that offers high-quality decorative finishes thanks to its high concentration of metal.

These are some of the most spectacular products in our catalogue and are causing a real sensation.

Five types of metallic coatings make up Luxury Concrete True Metal family:
Aluminium, Iridium, Brass, Bronze and Copper.

And for even more effect, our rust accelerators can transform our impressive metallic True Metal into oxidised finishes.


Two-component microcement Concrete Pool

Luxury Concrete Pool is the microcement designed specifically for surfaces in permanent contact with water such as swimming pools, ponds or fountains.

Its formulation uses the latest advances in technology for the construction of dams, ensuring optimum weather resistance, and comes in two types:

Concrete Pool Grand The microcement preparation for swimming pools. Applied before Luxury Concrete Pool Medium, it is mixed with Luxury Concrete Resin.

Concrete Pool Medium The microcement for completion for swimming pools. It is applied after Luxury Concrete Pool Grand, and is mixed with Luxury Concrete Resin.


Required second microcement component Concrete Resin

Luxury Concrete Resin is the acrylic resin used as the second or finishing component of the two-component  microcements in the Luxury Concrete range.

It is also used as an adhesion promoter between highly absorbent surfaces, such as cement or concrete.