Glen Waverley Living Room

Attractive Feature Wall

The designer wanted a minimalist feature wall, so he used our Luxury Concrete Microcement Floor product for the wall, and then created the fancy round effect by using our Luxury Concrete Microcement Metal product in Copper.

Easily applied over plasterboard, this combination created a very artistic space with a great warm feeling.

With more creative scope and potential than just using tiles or stone, Luxury Concrete Microcement can bring your creative vision to reality, and for probably less than you think it should cost.

"What a great outcome. Not only does it look amazing, but the wall has a perfect texture and the copper really stands out. I couldn't be happier"

Malvern Living Room

Stunning Seating Feature in a Wall

The client wanted a light coloured minimalism style design with a contrast space for seating, rather than just putting a seat/couch in front of a wall.

So we applied two layers of Luxury Concrete Microcement Floor directly onto a white painted wall to create a minimalistic space. Then, to create the fancy concrete feature wall at the back, two layers of our very dark-coloured Luxury Concrete Wall product was applied using trowels. 

Thanks to the semi-transparent feature of the Luxury Concrete Wall product, very decorative concrete walls are made quickly.

"Wow!. Didn't have to spend a lot, but worth every dollar. And so quick! I was expecting it to take much longer."

Glen Waverley Entrance

Modern Feature Wall

Rather than a standard painted wall with shelves, our Client designed a whole wall in the internal entrance, to feature with two wood niches in it.

We were asked to produce a grey polished concrete look wall, to match their other grey painted walls, but at the same time this wall should stand out from them as it will be a feature.

So we customised the colour for our client using our Luxury Concrete Microcement and added a pigment to make it a little bit darker than other walls. Applied by trowels and then after some sanding, all the natural concrete texture appeared.

"The colour is fantastic. Any darker and it would have been depressing, and if it was lighter, it would never stand out from other walls like this does. Just perfect!"

Camberwell Exterior Facade

Striking Contrast Exterior Features

Our client was building a new house and chose black brick veneer walls with white rendered columns, but wanted more. He engaged us to match the brick veneer walls with dark-coloured Luxury Concrete Microcement adding to the visual appeal of the facade.

Again, we customised the colour to match our Client’s exact requirements.

Without any other preparation, we applied two layers of our Luxury Concrete Base directly onto the rough substrate. After a good sanding, we used another layer of Luxury Concrete Microcement on top.

The surface was then very well sealed and coated with a matt finish, so that water resistance and dustproofing were guaranteed.

"Great outcome, and surprisingly not expensive when you compare it to the cost of the bricks and render. Who wouldn't be pleased with this result!"

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