Stunning finishes to transform inside and outside your home

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The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house, where privacy is combined with comfort, functionality, and increasingly about luxury.

With tiles a bit 90’s, the versatility of Luxury Concrete Microcement together with its anti-slip properties and unique aesthetics, allow you to exert a beautiful continuous pattern throughout the entire bathroom.

Luxury Concrete Microcement is a great choice for areas directly exposed to water such as showers and vanities, and can be applied directly over waterproofing.

It not only offers strength and high water-resistance, but flexibility to minimise cracking from movement.

Living Areas

Living rooms are prominent spaces in our homes, so the control of proportion, aesthetics and balance of your living room is critical when designing an elegant environment for this space.

Luxury Concrete Microcement on walls and floors offer a spacious and luminous room in which all its elements interact and complement each other in absolute harmony.

Premium materials and interesting textures are essential in designing luxury living rooms.


The kitchen is the  place where much of our daily life takes place and where we bring out our creativity.

This essential space requires careful planning as it’s where functionality and aesthetics must go hand in hand.

Luxury Concrete Microcement on floors, walls and countertops guide the natural light and expand it visually throughout the space. 

And a floor made of Luxury Concrete Microcement is better than tiles in the kitchen, particularly in creating a seamless surface without lines and joints .


To Spectacular Exteriors


Outdoor Areas

Outdoor spaces immerse you in a place of modernity and relaxation. Not only can they provide a modern luxurious atmosphere, but they significantly enhance the environment you’ve created.

With the ability to cover large areas in a single piece, Luxury Concrete Microcement harmonises and protects as it provides modern surfaces that are easier to clean because they can have no joints.

Luxury Concrete Microcement is ideal solution for coating patios, terraces, porches, walls or whole facades outside, enriching the appearance of the entire environment through the diversity of colours and textures available.


A gorgeous facade not only makes an unforgettable impression, but it also plays a big part in how we feel about our homes. So, it pays to get it right.

Luxury Concrete Microcement is a visually stunning continuous coating perfect for exterior surfaces such as facades and walls.

Its beauty, luminosity, and high resistance to both heat and moisture are just some of the advantages this superior coating offers.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd.


Swimming Pools

Your swimming pool is an oasis, perfectly integrated with the other elements of your outdoor space and environment.

With tiles somewhat dated, the trend now is microcement, not only surrounding the pool, but inside it as well.

When Luxury Concrete Microcement is applied inside a pool, it acts as a mirror reflecting and enhancing the surrounding environment. 

Its resistance to temperature changes, anti-slip properties and its aesthetic possibilities make Luxury Concrete Microcement the ideal way to generate strong visual appeal.

The only limit is your imagination