Product Texture

Luxury Concrete Microcement is a textural marvel, delivering a modern seamless tactile feel, with an elegant and minimalist finish. Creating highly decorative textured effects including marbling, our Microcement is capable of embellishing any space.

Each Luxury Concrete Microcement product is built for purpose and delivers their own inherent product textures.

Base - Luxury Concrete Microcement

Floor - Luxury Concrete Microcement

Wall - Luxury Concrete Microcement

Metal - Luxury Concrete Microcement

Application Texture

As well as the different Product Textures of Luxury Concrete Microcement above, we can also achieve different finished results depending on how we apply the product.

Some can even have visible trowel marks creating texture, tonal and colour variation.

So depending on the application method you can decide the texture of your Luxury Concrete finish – smooth, textured, unpolished, translucent, or any of the other textures you can see below.


Smooth as – the most even of textures


Not smooth, a bit uneven – just natural


As raw as it gets – for those who don’t like it polished


Beautiful but not expensive – rolled over a white base


Two layers – dark base and light top


Peaks and troughs – special texture by scraping a trowel


Translucent view – darker top layer over white bottom